The 27 Club Illuminati Conspiracy

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It’s no secret that the 27 Club and the Illuminati are closely related.

Some say that the Illuminati are responsible for this cultural phenomenon that mysteriously claims the lives of many popular 27-year-old musicians, artist, and actors.

Is it possible?

Are popular music stars being sacrificed by a secret death cult, that has been kept alive for millennia?
Are the masses manipulated by the loss of beloved stars? Is it intentional, to shape public moods?
Or is it just the dangers of fame, fortune and adulation all taking their toll on random celebrities?

Let’s look a little deeper.

In this post we’re going to discuss how the Illuminati might be connected to the 27 Club phenomenon. In addition to discussing the music industry and the idea of using symbols to manipulate unaware consumers of popular music, we start with a list of simple definitions, and wrap things up with stories about artists “selling their souls” for musical prowess, fame and adulation.

What are the 27 Club and The Illuminati?

The 27 Club: a term used when talking about popular musicians who died at the age of 27, often because of their wild lifestyles. 27 Club victims not only die at 27, but their deaths are usually sudden and tragic, and often shrouded in sinister mystery.

The Illuminati: an elite organization thought to be in control of most of the world’s largest corporations, and orchestrate major world events and trends.

Founding The Illuminated Ones

In 1776, Adam Weishaupt founded the Bavarian Illuminati (The Illuminati) as an alternative secret fraternity to the Freemasons. Additionally, it advocated the sciences, gender equality and rationalism.

The phrase “Illuminati” was coined in 1776 in Bavaria, southern Germany, when several like-minded Freemasons banded together to overthrow royal regimes and champion human rights. Their little movement was quickly discovered and shut down within ten years. Or so the “official story” goes.

In 1785, the Illuminati apparently disbanded when secret societies were made illegal. But many conspiracy theorists like Mark Dice and David Icke believed that the Illuminati lived on in secret and transformed into a new and much darker version of itself.


Since living in secret, the Illuminati’s primary goal became achieving world domination through the destruction of governments, nations, churches and families and the creation of a New World Order.

Unofficially, this clandestine group moved out across Europe, founding lodges and recruiting men of refinement to their cause. They assisted with the American and French Revolutions and remain “the Hidden Hand of History” to this day.

The Illuminati and The Music Industry

Prominent 27 Club Members

There are clues everywhere that point to a secret organization.

Occult symbolism can be found in almost all major music videos, concerts, merchandise and album covers.

But what does it mean?

Is all this mere coincidence, or is it in fact a secret message from our favorite pop stars?
Are they trying to tell us something that we should know about the darker side of the music industry?
Many artists claim to have sold their soul to the devil. Are they referring to Illuminati control?
What is their interest in the music business?

Here’s the deal.

Music is power!

It’s been documented for thousands of years that music has power on the human mind.  For instance, around 400 BC, the philosopher Plato commented that:

Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.


Most pagan/pre-Christian cults had elaborate music and dance as part of their ritual worship. For some festivals, they used drums, horns, strings and choirs to whip their followers into a frenzy. Drugs and human sacrifices were also a part of some pagan cults.

Are these practices prominent in “the Rockstar lifestyle” because secret forces are trying to popularize their ancient practices?

The truth is

Music is Used as A Tool to Manipulate the Masses!

Hundreds of scientific studies have proven that music can have a profound effect on human emotion, sensory perceptions, and behavior.

In 1839, Heinrich Wilhelm Dove made a fascinating audio discovery when he uncovered the strange phenomenon of binaural beats; special frequencies in music which effect how our brains behave and consequently, our mood.

More recently, studies have shown that our perception of the external world is directly affected by musical rhythm, because our brains waves become synchronized with the auditory beats. What’s most intriguing about some studies is they demonstrate how when people think (and move) in synchronicity, they are more likely to perceive the world in synchronicity. This mean that our mental processes can be altered simply by using music (and dance) to manipulate brain wave oscillations.

The Illuminati Controls the Media Too

Movies and television have great power to influence people. Nazi Joseph Gobbels, who served as Hitler’s propaganda chief, said that:

Film is one of the most modern and scientific means of influencing the masses.

Joseph Gobbels

In the 1980’s, even ordinary parents across the country started to worry about the power of the popular music, when two young men (Raymond Belknap and James Vance) committed suicide. The parents believed at the time that the boys were somehow brainwashed and changed by hidden messages in Judas Priest music.

Undoubtedly, music in the media has the power to influence our thoughts and behavior.

So, is it likely that a powerful group of world leaders like the Illuminati is controlling the music industry, with a desire to fill the media with subliminal messages of its own choosing? And if this is the case, then why?

The All Seeing Eye is an ancient Egyptian symbol, yet we see it flashed by today’s biggest stars.

Illuminati Symbolism in Popular Culture

On the American one-dollar bill, the Latin phrase Novus Ordo Seclorum appears with the All-Seeing Eye, which is a Masonic emblem, but can also be traced back to ancient Egypt.

Novus Ordo Seclorum translates as new order of the ages. Or a New Order for the World.

“A New World Order”?

That seal was designed in 1782, yet the phrase is common today.

Conspiracy theorist Manley P. Hall points out that the U.S. Founding Fathers had close ties with freemasonry. Hall believes that governments and businesses use freemasonry’s knowledge of the occult to control the masses through satanic symbolism.

Common Illuminati Symbols

• The All-Seeing Eye
• Triangles
• The Eye of Providence
• Inverted Crosses
• “Devil Horns” gesture
• 666
• Obelisks
• Pentagram/Pentacle
• Compass and Square/”G” of the Great Architect
• Two Pillars
• Checkerboard Floor
• Pyramids/Light from Above
• Crest of the House of Rothchild/Star of David
• Owls/Molloch
• Serpents/Snakes
• Oroborous
• The Star
• The Sun
• The Moon
• an Eclipse
• “It”
• Baphomet/Pan/the Horned God

These are just a few of the signs that have been broadcast across our media, to help deceive and convert the Western world into becoming sinful, gullible creatures. Is there a better way to influence the minds of our youth than through popular music directed at teens?

The Music Industry Today

From 2004 to 2013, the global digital music industry generated approximately 6 billion dollars annually. Global recorded music industry sales have rebounded since then. Sales were up by 5.9 percent over the previous year, climbing to $15.7 billion in 2016.

The video hosting service VEVO has around 57 million unique visitors from the US alone every month.

That means that songs and music videos by artist like Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus reach a massive audience and could be used to brain wash the population with specific thoughts and ideas.

For Example

Some say Rihanna’s music videos also have Illuminati symbolism in them. However, her video for the 2007 single Umbrella is obviously full of sinister imagery. Even the album the song was taken from is called Good Girl Gone Bad, which might highlight the Illuminati’s occult desire to pervert its audience.

The demonic triangle, Rihanna’s sinful transformation, the six shadowy backing dancers, and the Devil himself, can all be found in the video.

This song, along with many other chart hits, convey similar messages. The possible secret intention may be to create a society built on pleasure seeking, distracted, celebrity obsessed and dumbed down subjects.

If this shadowy Cabal’s goal is control, then a society based on these concepts will certainly be easier to manipulate. Distracted, pleasure seeking subjects don’t start revolutions.

Musicians Making Deals with The Devil

If folktales are to be believed, the Devil seems to have quite an interest in music. Whether it’s the satanic imagery that’s ever pervasive in Metal music today, or the fiddle duel in the Charlie Daniel’s song The Devil Went Down to Georgia, the Prince of Darkness likes a good tune as much as you and I do. But there’s one tale of the Devil in music that precedes these, and it’s one that’s been told for centuries. THE DEAL WITH THE DEVIL. Nearly everyone knows this kind of story now, and that’s because it has a rich history, dating back several centuries.

Let’s take a closer look.

Notable Musician Deals With The Devil


Making a “Deal with the Devil” appeared in western superstitions a long time ago, but they really first started catching on in the late 1500’s, thanks to a man named Johann Faust. Faust was a German alchemist, astrologer and magician, who was alleged to have made a pack with the demon Mephistopheles in return for his soul. His story became famous, after being documented in the Christopher Marlow play The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus.


One hundred years later, the myth of Johann Faust made its way into music, thanks to Giuseppe Tartini. In 1713, the Devil appeared to Tartini in a dream and Tartini made a pack for his soul in the dream. He gave the Devil a violin, and the Devil performed the most beautiful sonata he’d ever heard. Immediately upon waking up, Tartini tried to write down what he heard and created the Violin Sonata in G, better know as The Devil’s Trill Sonata. Despite the success of this piece, Tartini wrote that:

My effort was so inferior to what I had heard, that if I could have subsisted on other means, I would have broken my violin and abandoned music forever.

Giuseppe Tartini


It would seem the Devil’s interest in violin didn’t wane, as rumors of another violinist cohorting with the Devil became popular, about a century later. Niccolo Paginini is considered by some to be the greatest violin virtuoso ever to have lived. He started music at the age of 5 on the mandolin, and was composing by the age of 7 and performing live at 12.

He was such as virtuoso that the public began to surmise that his talent must have come from some diabolical force.

On top of his skills, Paginini had a pale lanky look, with long fingers and flaming eyes. The legends of his performances are something else to behold. Some reports say audiences made the Sign of the Cross as they watched him perform, to protect themselves from Evil. Other stories have him playing flawless notes on broken strings and contorting his body into weird shapes while performing. One fan even left a Vienna concert claiming that he had seen the Devil himself aiding Paginini. At the age of 54, Paginini died. One of the last things he did before he died was send away a priest who had come to perform Last Rights upon him. This cemented his association with the Devil to most at that time.

American Bluesmen

For many people, legends of the Devil meddling in musical affairs never went away. In the 1920’s and 30’s, a pair of blues musicians in the Mississippi delta are alleged to have made deals with the Devil.

Tommy Johnson

First came Tommy Johnson, a guitar virtuoso known for his eerie falsetto voice and complex guitar parts. Johnson’s brother Leddell, spread the legend of a Faustus bargain. One night, the story goes, Tommy Johnson went to a remote crossroads just before midnight and played guitar until a big black man came up to him, took his guitar, and tuned it. After that, Tommy Johnson could play the guitar like no man alive. Outside of the alleged Deal with the Devil, and his influence on other musicians, Johnson’s life was rather uneventful.

Robert Johnson

That cannot be said for Robert Johnson (unrelated to Tommy Johnson) another musician who apparently made a Faustian bargain. Johnson was one of the most impressive guitar players of his time, and one of the most influential musicians of all time! When he was a young man in the late 1920’s, he started to play guitar, but apparently had no talent for it.

A fellow bluesman, legend Son House, remembered how Johnson played guitar at that time.

“Such a racket you never heard! It’d make the people mad, you know? They’d come out and say, ‘Why don’t y’all go in and get that guitar away from that boy! He’s ruining people with it!’ I’d come back in and I’d scold him about it”

Son House

Then one day, Robert Johnson left Robbinsonville, Mississippi, where he had been living. When he came back, he was a changed man. Johnson returned with incredible guitar skills, sliding around the neck seamlessly while maintaining the rhythm.

Legend has it when Keith Richards first heard Johnson play, he thought it was two guitar players. Rumors circulated that, like with Tommy Johnson before him, Robert had sold his soul to the Devil at midnight at a crossroads.

Surely, if you listen to Robert Johnson’s music, it’s easy to believe it, too.

Johnson’s Relationship With The DEVIL Himself

On top on his master playing, Johnson’s lyrics had a haunting desperation to them, in fact, he even sang of his relationship with the Devil. Hell Hound on My Trail is a masterful song that takes the trope of the rambling blues man and puts a new spin on it. Johnson sings that the reason is stays on the road is that he has hell hounds chasing him. As a result, he wrote a trilogy of songs chronicling his run-in with the Devil.

In Crossroad Blues, he sells his soul to the Devil, and the trilogy concludes in Me and the Devil Blues.

The latter tune, from his Crossroad Blues album, has one of the most haunting opening lines ever!

Early this mornin’, when you knocked upon my door/And I said, ‘Hello Satan’. I believe it’s time to go.”

Robert Johnson, Me and the Devil Blues

On August 16, 1938, the Devil came for Robert Johnson’s soul. Johnson was poisoned by a jealous husband and died, at just 27 years old.

Since Robert Johnson, the devil has continued his ties with music. However, He has not kept making Faustian bargains like Paganini or Robert Johnson, at least not that we know of. Some say the phenomenal success of bands like Led Zeppelin can also be attributed to deals with the Devil.

Did the Illuminati (The Devil) Birth The Forever 27 Club

In other words, according to our favorite conspiracy theorist Mark Dice, the Illuminati might be playing with our favorite musicians, like puppets. For a slice of fame, these artists have sold their soul to a secret, evil organization, and now they are paying the price. Their “deal with the Devil” includes being forced to produce content against their will so that the Illuminati can reign over capitalist societies. Artist dying at 27 like Robert Johnson is just one of the ways they keep their talent under their control. The 27 club is a threat to famous musicians as much as it is a conspiracy to us.

So is the Illuminati “the Devil”?

Tupac Shakur

Opposing the Illuminati is a very dangerous business.

In September 1996, rapper Tupac Shakur was shot dead in Las Vegas. Not just an ordinary artist, Tupac was also a poet and activist who spoke out against capitalism and oppression. His final studio album, The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, was thought to have angered the music industry or possibly the Illuminati. In an interview, Tupac explicitly said:

That’s why I’m putting a K to it because I’m killing that Illuminati shit.

Tupac Shakur

Many fans suspect that Tupac was murdered by the Illuminati for insulting them.

If this organization is real, then they are not to be messed with.

A much more unsettling theory about the occult symbolism sprawled across our media is that it’s not just a warning sign for musicians about the threat of a dangerous New World Order. But rather this is a celebration by the Illuminati, gloating at its accomplishments.

They are proud of infiltrating the minds of a nation through the powerful tools of music and the media.

According to political scientist Noam Chomsky, the fat cats’ hold on the music business has a direct impact on the distribution of wealth within America. Today 1% of American households earn 38.6% of privately held wealth, which is exactly what the Illuminati want, to oppress the masses through poverty.

Fact or Fiction

Even with the mysterious deaths and lingering questions, how does this connect to a secret group of elites?

Most big stars have a lot of money and backing behind them when they become famous. The old joke is that bands “sell their souls to the devil” to gain such success and adulation.

Is there some truth to this?

In exchange for fame and fortune, do these stars have to agree to be pawns of and toys to this secret elite?

Do bankers and royal families secretly control our culture?

Do they sacrifice some stars to retain their power and control?

Of course, we can never know for certain, but it is harmless fun to speculate.

What do you think?

Is there a sinister secret society running the world, and manipulating pop stars for their dark needs?

Sound off below and let us know what you believe.

Do you think that the Illuminati is infiltrating the music industry? Are they controlling what we think? Let us know what you think in the comments below.